Visual Studio - 'Find was stopped in progress'

Sometimes you’ll do a Find for “Entire Solution” (Ctrl + Shift + F is a handy shortcut) and instead of finding anything, the “Find Results” window will immediately display “Find was stopped in progress” with zero results.  I usually deal with it by restarting Visual Studio or my computer, but this time I decided to actually look into it.  Turns out it was a lot more common than I thought and is apparently a Windows bug, not Visual Studio, and goes way back to 2004.

Anyway, the solution is to click in the “Find Results” dialog so the cursor appears and mash Break, Ctrl+Break, Alt+Break and Ctrl+ScrLock key combos, perhaps while a find is in progress (although mine wasn’t and it still worked, but ymmv).

There’s also this extension which claims to help: